When i was creating the wordpress theme that i use on this website. I encountered this particular error and it felt weird. I was dead sure that i had coded everything right. I discovered that the error was because of the enqueue wordpress function. WordPress‘s codex describes the function  as ; It Links a script file to the generated page at the right time according to the script dependencies, if the script has not been already included and if all the dependencies have been registered. You could either link a script with a handle previously registered using the wp_register_script() function, or provide this function with all the parameters necessary to link a script.

The Error

The error can show up on your wordpress site if you enqueu script that is none existant. so what happens is that wordpress will continue to try loading and making requesting for a resource that does not exist in its hook. In the end it runs out of the avlailable allocated memory.


When using this awesome enqueue function, always make sure that your enqueue scripts are hooked to a resource that exists.


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