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coding:programming with passion

coder: programmer


Becoming a coder is not a quick fix

 The love of writing lines of code so that you admire and feel good about what your creation does makes me a coder. That passion that keeps burning in me to create ,write that next line, correct that bug,optimize my code makes me a coder.

The passion in Me

When I chose to do computer science, my dream in this field has  always been to create an operating system just for fun :D. I begun writing programs in year one semester one before we begun doing programing in second semester of  year 1. I would go to the book bank and read my Deitel series especially C++ because I discovered it was good for my goal. What kept me alive and kicking was because I read page by pace. Did exercise by exercise and only left the very difficult ones. They were handful of difficult exercises anyway. I had a lot of hope and faith in my self. I knew that i only needed to learn and keep learning. I knew that this was a process that was going to take time.Up to now I still believe that some day I will create my own operating system for something or something for something.

I had no personal computer . The university had just introduced the Course and there were very few computers. It was always a tug of war to get one. students would get into the lab to send SMS and “yahoobook”. At that point i didnt want a computer with internet for more than 2o mins because my deitel was enough for what i wanted. i would seat at the lab PC’s and code. Since the computers where very few, getting one was always a challenge so i would write code to flicker screen,make funny noise and inject into one of the lab PC’s. Thats how i bought my PC. So when ever i could come back to the lab, i would run the anti-dot and then continue coding. I used this trick until when i had made some money to buy my own in second year. When programming was introduced in my second semester of year one, C was the programming language first taught. This was so easy for a C++ chap. I never really read for those programming course units exams and got my A’s.I had 96% in C.Those wonderful A’s of programming course units kept me for another 45mins of uper second class degree. All the way since year 2,I kept doing course works/ projects works for students ahead of me like in third year and masters with the aim of learning the languages i would do the work in. Yes, I never really knew some of those languages but because i had the love to code and learn through an exercise, i did them. In my class, I would release my source code few days to handing in assignments so that the class salvages on it since the solution would spread like a torrent and i didnt want too much duplicates. Well now I have trushed all those “teach Me” projects and facing the real world.  I have the experience and iv worked on dream projects sponsore by Google and Microsoft.

Where it started in me

Where it Started in me

Coding is a process that entails hardwork,commitment and sacrifice with passion.You should love it. Loving to be a programmer begins with loving what programs can do for you and what has been done in programming, and then admiring to do such. eg.Loving games on all platforms especially PC and mobile, Sci-fi movies, etc.The most import thing about coding is understanding the underlying principles,concepts and building blocks. Knowing and understanding that a program has a set of commands that are executed in order and logically to perform a given task is vital. understanding programming designs like Top-Down or Bottom-Up approach is key.Taking algorithms to be the heart beat of good code is also key. you should be able to relate programs with happens in our daily life for example you can write an algorithm for the activities you do everyday.

The Copycut coder

Copycut coder,paste if you want add that

Its not a Google search and copy paste or even cut paste issue if you prefer it that way. Well the masters of code also do copy and Paste. The difference is that they Paste what they know. They understand each line of code being pasted and they have learnt that there are some programmers who have done some of these tasks at hand. If you use some code some where and modify it to suit your self, it implies that you are a coder because you can not modify what you dont know. copycut is good but make sure you understand what you are using otherwise ther could be a PUTS/GETS some where which could be disastrous.

The Hard Way,Art and architecture that drives Computers

Programming  needs you to understand the art and architecture that drives computers. If you hate mathematics and logic then you are heading for doom, just make a U-turn. If you want to become the best coder out there then the hard way should be your best teacher. I promise, you will never go wrong. So what does this thing called the hard way mean. I bet it is disturbing your mind. Simple, always follow the basics. And why the basics?its because the basics are the building blocks of the complex stuff. Even God Almighty didnt build the world in one complex shot. You have heard people say one by one makes a bundle then why dont you do the basics? To understand how a computer works, your calculator must have 2 and only two digits ie 1 and 0. Those two digits are the reason you are reading my post. You should be able to calculate in binary to understand memory,etc. After that then the basics of logic gates should be in your finger tips ie AND,NOR,XOR,OR,etc if what I have just written is not sounding like dingdong then this info could be useful,straighten your nerves else try your talents in Databases,System Analysis or any other computer science professions. So now that you are asking yourself the relationship between the hard way and programming. Let me spare some words to explain. You might not be a good coder without learning C programming language or cousins to C like C++ , pascal,frotran,basic,etc..if .NET is your first programming language then go back2school and do C before its too late…if windows is your working environment as a developer then make sure you try linux.  If you are like “waa” then you have proved that you are not one of us.

If  you love to code, then the following course could be/must have been your favorites as a coder

  • Data Structures and Algortihms
  • Principles of Programming
  • Data Encryption
  • Operating Systems
  • C Programming Language
  • Ariticificial Intellingence
  • Complexity and Auto mata
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Assembley Programming

if you have a degree and you have never encountered these, I will not hit the nail on the head this time. Just relax and you might not waste your brains struggling to write geeky code unless you go back2basics. Dont even dream of geeky programs eg a compiler,Face Detector, etc unless you go back2basics. The problems is that these ideas sound so cool 🙂 :D.  If what im about to type like “lexical analysis” is a very lound sound of a snare in your head then you are better off using what coders have created and anything that feels like a soft pillow developer environment.

Curiosity for Technology

Monkey wants to know whats up with the buble

Being a software Developer is not limited to programing as mistaken by some people, they think that a software developer/coder only knows how to do it in Ruby but shame on you. A coder is always curious about technology. A coder would love to know what google is upto,what new mobile tech is in place, what has microsoft bought, which computing cloud is good, which networking protocol is secure,which standard is used on the web,etc Please forgive me for using ruby because she is my new code “lover”. I think Ruby is a language for the next generation. Understanding the underlying technologies that people use everyday ie Database,networking,telcom,etc. is part of a coder. After all, who creates the technologies I have just mentioned. What am saying is that all that is on the web are programs, all that is in CISCO are programs. As simple as that.A coder is a thinker and innovator everyday and does this with passion for it



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