A Patent is a declaration issued by a government agency declaring someone the inventor of a new invention and having the privilege of stopping others from making, using or selling the claimed invention; a letter patent; A specific grant of ownership of a piece of property; a land patent; Patent leather:wiktionary.org

There  is an on  going battle caused by big tech giants over communication technology and software.Lot’s of money is being spent for nothing instead of investing somewhere in ICT ,Improve what they are doing,donate it to charity,build haiti,etc. The delay in software development as compared to hardware might not be a surprise if such things have space to breathe on Earth.Mr Bean in his tobby show graded lawyers and thieves together and it seems to be true.Patent is something that has been introduced by the “thieves”.I can define a patent in relation to software as theft of the future.If you want a patent, do a new name, thats good enough but not the way we eat,programme,etc. Hardwares are moving fast because a free atmosphere of competition has been allowed to exist.it is up to you to think harder. Imagine ,where would technology be if the creators of transistors had patent wars? Even software companies would have found it rough. some would not have made it. The fact is that i feel a free atmosphere of doing things should be allowed. if somebody has been able to do what you do in another way but much better then why bother them? if at all C++OO concept would have been patented by one monster, who would be breathing?

Some may say well, I think Patents promote Innovation.

This could be true in that, a person is forced to do something else in the end. This is good but the impact of this is however minimal.
When i talk about patents being monsters of technology,i mean patenting the obvious and what some one use. Something that people use commonly for example phone notifications, Programming design patterns,Touch on a cell phone.

If you did it, please allow me to use and improve on it with a cost of acknowledging you as a contributor.

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