It has been relatively some time since I blogged. Even if I might say that I have been so busy moving up and down and bringing consumable product after consumable product on the kampala grid. The truth of the matter is that the server I set up was archaic. I set up that monster during my university days way back in 2008 when I was desolate and learning.  Each bit that has hit that server has seen some very tremendous growth that saw me shift focus to look at the free things in the open source world.

That server which was my first amazon instance and  faced all kinds of waves of hack.  It is from it that server that I learnt a lot about system administration, deploying apps the hard way and playing with server resources.

I have even learnt how to upgrade, RAM and Drive space, Set up a mail servers, monitoring tools,etc. Each time I thought about migration of data including my client’s data I always felt sick. Staying in the comfort zone was much better. I just didn’t want it, to have calls about stuff not working partly because everything was not right from day one. That server saw the genius of a learner because some configuration files were kind of messed up and the OS was still on Ubuntu 12. Some programs were even hard compiled and installed.

Now that I have learnt how to manage servers using a couple of system administration tools like ansible and use deployment tools as per various programs. Things are pretty much relaxed now. Setting up a server is a piece of cake. Remember a piece of cake to those who know what they doing other wise it can be a nightmare. Knowing to use a couple of those tools such as docker  or vagrant takes some learning but once you learn then you fly. A pie to the mix is that you will never go wrong if your software  is fully automated tested.

So I have successfully moved my data to the new well set up AWS  on Ubuntu 16 and now I can resume my blogging.


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