As i was reading a blog post today from Technology Review about why mobile Apps will soon be dead, it made me give it thought. I think mobile apps are still here to stay. Web apps run on the browsers and with full javascript support. HTML5 has made making very good web apps a smile :). HTML5 is now being extended to mobile devices although the concern on Mobile Devices is speed of execution and network connection reliability giving a reason for mobile apps existence.My argument entirely relies on speed of execution and security of the apps of which mobile apps definitely scores a lot. Users don’t want apps that are frustrating as per the two mentioned concerns.

Mobile Apps are a major when it comes to Data collection because its portable and cheap.Faster Execution and Security is a concern too. xforms like data collection by javarosa, openxdata still gives a strong reason for having mobile apps.  But when mobile apps  are a replica of  very big sites like Facebook, then a lot of functionality are lost and those functionality give some credits for web apps.

Why Mobile?

I also heard android will  ALLOW ONE TO create one app for all OS platforms

Location Based Apps

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Location based Apps still give a very strong reason for mobile apps success that web apps cant scrap off.. Apps that show directions are better on the phone accessing the native GPS functionality.
Four square is one example of such app that use’s GPS
Music Apps
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Music apps also give us a certain extent of confidence that mobile apps will be alive. When quality is a concern, you would love you app to access some of the functionality natively. the problem with web apps is that they rely on what is already built 🙁 and there fore the developer might not have the control of this functionality easily

Acelerometer apps
I created a music player app based on the accelerometer. Shake, tilt the app and change music flow,play piano. soon i will put it at the app  market. This is just for fun. A friend of mine thought of creating an app for the elderly who cant walk and are susceptible to falling based on this and response is key. Another point for mobile apps in the bag 😀
Picture Sharing, Video Sharing and editing
Well the camera on the phones give us a reason for having mobile apps.. Am even creating my own called snapit, and also video sharing apps still give us a reason for mobile apps to stay. This is something that will be exploited by storyspaces. Imagine you are in an event and you want to share these experiences right on the spot. Its even much easier to control the native camera functionality such as camera resolution and compression. A feature that might prove hard to do on the web app. This is relates to the issue that ODK collect had on HTC devices that i solved by snap it

Mobile Health Apps,SMS apps,email,Mobile Money,Mobile Banking,etc

The phone is every where you go. Mobile apps play a very important role in notifications especially when it comes to email,etc and access of these native functionality on the web app might not out weigh mobile implementation. Few doctors give us a reason for mobile health apps coz web apps have a great threat when it comes to security. Another reason for Mobile Banking and Mobile Money Services to be closed and mobile is security

Why Web Apps?

The Most obvous reasons for web apps is the extended hardware support that is self explanatory and one install but i have heard that Google is also planning a one install for all for mobile apps. The most important reason for wep app success is better interactivity with hardware. A user has a higher work rate when using  keyboard and mouse but this also possible with mobile devices  that have already begun to integrate USB Host support eg Toshiba TG01.  The Other Reasons for web app success include;

  • Screen Display
  • Battery
  • Processor Speed
  • More RAM
  • More Feature Support

RAM and Processor might not be a concern since Phone are increasingly becoming more powerful with those that have 1hz processor speed eg Xperia x10.


  1. I dont see anything in your post that really says that mobile apps will outlast web apps. Yes, as of right now web apps cant access some hardware like the GPS or camera, but it is very likely (and in fact very probable) that in 5-10 years web apps will be able to access these devices, and in a cross platform way. Also, hardware will get increasingly faster and javascript engines more efficient, so speed will not soon be much of an issue. I vote the web apps will eventually take over, but it will be awhile.

    • Your comment has a lot of weight Joe i don’t deny the fact that web apps has got the worry is native access to hardware and if web tech can do that efficiently then its possible for it to kick out mobile apps.Phones might soon need to be connected to other types of hardware too apart from the norm and this standard must be put in black and white clearly. Some Libraries like opencv {} and others that are so good and native, will require native mobile apps so the idea of phasing it out does not sound 100% right on my mind.i understand that in future we could even stuff like “” ,etc…

  2. “Location based Apps still give a very strong reason for mobile apps success that web apps cant scrap off”

    This and other examples fail to address the fact that things like location are already part of some web standard. Geolocation, for example. Look it up

  3. Both are here to stay.
    This is no different than the ol’ windows form apps vs websites, just this time its for phones/pads.

    For convenience you’d want an app to simply be a mobile website, though if the goals require things only available or feasible from a phone app, it’ll have to be an app.

    So all of these apps that do nothing special, or are phone apps for the sake of being a phone app, those are the apps that will die off and go to the web.

    This has all happened before, and it will happen again.

  4. Mobile apps are going to get bigger, but as someone else has already mentioned, web apps are only going to develop even further. I don’t think we will ever lose either of these to be honest. Mobile apps will always be a few years behind what web apps are doing and the cycle will continue.


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