When people talk about the new awesome updates for the windows phone: windows phone 8.1, I am thrilled about it. All jazz about notification,cortana,etc is great. The users are happy that the new features that they requested using the user voice are included. I love that microsoft is paying attention to its users and its actually applying Human centered design to improve on its phone product.  Some of these updates at times come at a cost too.Some nice features that the Phone OS had get removed.  The feature that i now miss on the windows is the social integration it had. Each time   always wanted to share something, it was so easy but now with new updates in windows phone 8.1, Each time i want to share something, apps are launched for me to do so.  Well from a developers perspective, it is good for those who would want to venture into those apps to make more dollars but from users perspective we have moved one 2 steps ahead and one step back.Some developers now  might stop developing social apps because they are still confused and they do not if Microsoft will bring bring back the social integrations or not. It is mentioned that windows phone is built around us and the loss of such features is not making it better.

I really want Microsoft to bring back the social integration of the phone the way it was and may be let the users decide on if they want to launch third party apps or use the phone OS integration. This will make everyone happy. If you look at the current IOS 8 features, social integration have now reached on notifications.

I also  love the Notification center but one thing, why must i receive a notification for an app if am within the app it self? It does not make sense. I expect that when i using an app, i should not see anything on the notification center. Putting this aside, the new update of the OS is good.

If you feel my Pain about the social integration please vote on the user voice here.


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