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This note is for those who have encoutered low image resolution and detail on android phones with low firmware versions especially 1.5 and on HTC phones. Well today your problems might be answered by the time your done reading the small note.
This problem has been attributed to a bug in the OS by some gurus. To me I think the problem could be because of two reasons.
  • The OS is perfect but the manufacturer of the device didnt write the correct camera application.
  • The OS was tempered by the manufacturer and this causes the camera application not to read the correct resolution and picture quality.
Of the two reasons and from my experience, I strongly think that the camera application was not written the right way. To address the issue I created a new camera application called snap it
Two imprtant things to note from the CameraView.java classs
  • imageQuality
    this specifies the image detail percentage. The lower this value, the lower the JPEG quality of the image.
  • Scale Factor
    This specifies the Pixel resolution of the image ie the WxH. The smaller the value the higher the pixel resolution and vice verser.
You can play around with these values to control picture Quality.



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