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A number of posts and talks from geeks who claim that its better to learn by doing and get courses and notes online rather than attending University/College. Well you could be right as this post suggests . Another person like me will also tell you attending university is far much better. But really, What is causing such issues to arise?  A possible reason could from the life of those who have done very well by making use of the internet.In one of my poems called Dear Internet, i see the internet as the biggest Information resource. So Such Drop outs like Facebook’s Mark Zukerberg, Apple’s Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Bill Gates,are a good example of those who are successful yet they gave up at school.According to Financial Times more are jumping out of the frying pan. Such big success stories makes most students and especially those in the Computing Field feel that they can also make it the same way. Again you could be right but lets just keep the basket ball bouncing.I always do some System Administration Tasks out of the box and Today i managed to setup a linux mail server for StorySpaces by reading notes from the internet and trying several times till i cracked it.  I have taught and still teach my self how to write programs in any language. but can all this justify that i dont need to attend any Education from an Institution. Lets keep the stone rolling…

Im focussing on AI as a career. I begun doing research in this area in the dawn of my Bachelors Degree in computer science from Makerere University. The things i have learnt has been a combination of  one shot guidance from a professor and a PHD student and a mostly reading AI Journals,Text books and Notes from the internet. After my bachelors i kept the same spirit and also got actively involved in the AI-Dev Group discussion and am there Research Programmer for a year now. So does this really mean i dont need University.tighten your seat belt as put on another gear.

The knowledge i have acquired so far is half baked and i always meet some serious challenges when am wirtting down some codes due to lack of enough theoritical backgroud. Its like doing a cardiac suggery without going to medical school. When i get totaly stuck and i cant understand some strange formulas, i go and talk with the professor who just corrects stuff within a blink.  This has made me to decide to do Masters in the Same Field hopefully next year  to further back up this, am attending some AI group discussions on Linkedin. Today I also enrolled for online course at ai-class.com so as to top up preparation for my masters programme because i know what is involved and what is coming. So does the work rate and time factor mean we have to go to University? I said tighten your belly with that seat belt coz the answer is coming. lets look at some ideas.

Its not about codes

well some people think that if you know how to programme, then bingo why bother a lot. After all there is plenty of cash in the air once you are a geek.This is true but a geek can not survive without other factors.He needs a business skill some of which he acquires at other levels of education whether formally or informally.  Without a business skill,He is like a researcher who has the best idea or product but without a funder. If you watched the movie  Extraordinary Measures , then you surely know what am talking about. its a must watch. After all the world has been doing business since the batter trade. If you don’t have the business in you then then world can provide this with any other resource you might need as you chase your goal.

In whatever you do know the right materials or resources to use and not only a laptop.Remember time is also a resource a midst others.

The lecturer to student is a very good relationship but this has been greatly weakened by the many number of students who enroll to University. Because of  this, the internet is the lecturer to others.The most obvious relationship that exist nowadays is student to student or friend to friend.ie Learning from your peers.

The Answer

People who drop out and succeed do not drop out at nursery 😀

People who dropout are sometimes ahead of others in terms of acquring knowledge. They understand the idea of personal aquisition of information and building own knowledge base using whatever they can use but all this is driven by one purpose or goal.Hence by the time they give their last breath to education at their respective levels, they have the resources, vision and belief to push their idea.

You can not do cardiac surgery without going to medical school. you can not derive your own new algorithm to to predict tomorrows stock prices if you dont have enough theoretical background.

Hence all things require education up to some point.So its up to you to discover when you have enough steam to do it and the factors that influence it.





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