I was faced with a challenge of making sure that i pass data back and forth securely via an api

on cakephp 3.0 from a windows forms (C#) application.It was a challenge considering the fact
that cakephp 3.0 is still a release candidate. But i must say i am so impressed with what the cakephp community has produced. I can proudly boast that i use cakephp :).

The way i implemented my api on weighscan is out of this discussion . i will try not say anything because because temptation to disclose everything is high. I created a library called xcrpto.

xcryto is a cakephp 3.0 library that allows you to encrypt your data using. It should pretty work in other php frameworks too;

  • DES
  • AES
  • RC4
  • RSA
  • Rijndael
  • TripleDES

To protect my .NET software that i have just  put out for sale. I wrote my own encryption and decryption algorithm on top Xcrypto.

  1.  all data is encrypted using my own proprietary encryption and decryption algorithm that i cant disclose here.
  2.  on top of that i added another layer of encryption/decryption using xcrypto. So all communications back and forth have 2 layers of encryption.
  3. I use RSA and AES

Using RSA allows for use of Public key and Private key cryptography and the result is sound. On top of that the nginx is using SSL.

Feel free to use xcrpto, forking it on github.


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