I would like to disagree to agree on this. There has been a lot of buzz about Google play movies in Uganda and most people think that it is not a viable market.  The more i cogitate about it, the more i appreciate it and the more i see it very viable and pofitable.  People, we need to respect that it is GOOGLE here and not a start up company. Of course i am well aware of the Google projects like buzz that have failed and this could yet be one of them.Post from UGO via Fundibots suggest this is a bad call.  Let me look at each issue at a glance.




On the higher side, It will cost about 50,000 UGX  to get a movie from the store and about 32,000 UGX on the low side. As an in individual, this is expensive right ? Let us compare this with watching a movie from the Cinema. On the low side, it will cost you about 18,000 UGX to watch a movie in the cinema and for a rich person with an average car about 22,000 UGX.  on the higher side about 23,000 UGX and 38,000 UGX respectively.  For the person who will buy a pirated movie from the shop will get the movie 5000 UGX on the low side, and then 12,000 UGX on the high side.

Payment methods

Google of course uses VISA for purchasing movies online and here you would think that mobile money should be used.

Other Channels

You can watch as well watch the movies on Digital TV on a monthly subscription of about 250,000 UGX. Also freely on TV such as  Urban TV.


Like every product, it is meant for a certain class of people. If you have a bad ass TV at home with Internet and earn good salary then Google play might be for you.When i look at other factors, I am happy that Google play movies is here. Instead of putting fuel in car, think about the expensive eats at the cinema i would rather buy the movie and watch with family at home. I get better quality,comfort and convenience. It is even cheaper in the long run. Even more cheaper if i have to put cash together with the lads and watch it from home. It does not mean that we cant quality entertainment from home, we just have to make it.

There has been so much noise about Mobile money but the reality is Ugandans even don’t use the service vigorously online. There is no way it can be an alternative to VISA. Besides, the service is so unreliable and also expensive to do transactions from certain providers. Of course in the long run Google might add mobile money as one of its payment options, why not?

What i also like about the Google play movies is that i am able to get any movie, old and new at any time with proper quality that i need. i can get to watch some of the old movies i missed that a cinema will not give it to you. Even the shops in the city might not provide it to you. You can as well wait for Digital channels or TV stations and hope for a miracle.


Google as well can take a role in making sure that piracy is reduced on the streets and on the internet in order to increase its presence. Simple, by just having an MOU in the language that our government understands. you know what i am talking about.

More Quality movies in shops in time and more money, everyone happy

Google will actually make size able money here, think of people in shops buying quality movies in time and reselling them to the public.  Are you not tired of going to buy a movie and you are told, it is not clear?. Google movies is an answer to some of the comments i made above. You get quality, convenience,comfort via a retailer in town. you can use them to get some of the old movies you missed cheaply. They are just a call away.Instead we  should be proud that Google choose us and promote this. As the internet gets cheaper ( Remember the Google Fiber installations?), we shall enjoy a lot of internet services besides movies.


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