Over the past few years i have been developing application. As i became well experienced with software development, i can say coding the same way was quickly becoming boring. I could go over the same process developing an application on .Net but i always felt i was repeating my self a lot. Could it have been because of the environment? I wonder.

I even went ahead to create a tool that codes for me. In short, generate for me code. I used it quiet alot coz i would generate a windows form template application that i would use. I even started to replicate the same thing for java , php and python. Well it is long since i touched the code base but one day i will get back and see what i can do.

I was fortunate to be employed at Flock of Birds were i discovered Mendix.

Mendix PAAS courtesy of mendix.com
Mendix PAAS courtesy of mendix.com

Mendix is the app platform company for the enterprise. The Mendix App Platform enables companies to build, integrate and deploy web and mobile applications.  Mendix is PAAS environment that alleviates the problems i  have been trying to solve. Perhaps i could say that greenapple is heading to the recycle bin at the moment but its not yet time to shift+alt+delete it.  Mendix allows companies to deliver Enterprise applications as fast as the word its self. An experienced developer can quickly come up with an application in no time. As they say, no code but just glory. The platform supports development of application for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet without worrying about the technicalities involved.  Just like you have these good environments for delivering cross platform game, Mendix allows the delivery of ubiquitous applications that go beyond mobile development.

At the core of the platform is the microflow where all the business logic is drawn using flow diagrams.



The platform was built on top of java and it allows full java code to be executed within its environment. The platform is growing very fast and i believe it is the next big thing. I believe it will change the way we code in other environments too. I see more people adopting the same concept in other areas. Of course i am aware that some do exist but perhaps Mendix is like Facebook at the time of entry into the market. It is a step in the right direction where some of us envision computers writing for us programs.


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