The world has set time for me to learn.


All its glories have made me intimate with you.

your so famous among them

Other techs admire you because you are at the zenith of human creation

Some of my CS/IT friends have this illusion as their consolation.

I have traveled this far with this luggage of education.

Laguage of Education

In you i have found hope

you are so vast

What should i do, i ponder and hug dilemma.

Down i fall again like when i was making my first foot prints on this material

making first steps

Sometimes i feel like i should drop one mango at a time because i want to become like this guy who was a hero who brought some mangoes at home.

On the windward side my employer work has kept me in his dungeon.

His chief weep Research is like a troll

Research is like a troll

Nowadays the lashes are to my nerves and i eat stale bread for dinner

The stitch in time is much louder and the sun sets with a frown face.

Vehicles travel faster than light and their hoot can pull up a mastered seed from the material

The color of the material has painted my home in beautiful brown

My shoes in brown are also smiling for the cobbler

My shoes are smilling for the cobblar

My beard is like wolverines avatar

Now i am beginning to fully understand you

you mistreat me yet reward abundantly

Google has told me that search and the answer is right there.

Google has taught to search

Bing and the pictures are right on the spot,Bingo

Bing for pics

Tweet and the bird will get the relevancy and spread the gospel

i can find and connect with my fiddus arch-ates

my blog is the best diary i have ever got

sometimes when am stuck i digg when i have no option

I have joined forums to println the luggage you gave me

My contributions have begun to bear some fruits

The charity of troubleshooting in most worlds of information have returned to me pearls

Yes i have opened an account in the biggest bank of Information

it is called the cloud

i store information there and get knowledge

I thank you for this extended brain

i can access my info from anywhere using cisco

you surprise me alot

But i have to go the court and Guard since Patent rights are killing your children,Microsoft,Oracle,Nokia,Apple

Dont forget to hook me up on skype

from mistaguy



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