Just yesterday when i was happy that i had cracked the low/resolution/quality image issue, another problem popped out of the blue at the time when my boss was staring at me because he wanted to go with all the four phones. He came at the time when my i was deploying Open Data Collect(ODK) to the phone from ubuntu and within eclipse-helios,the stuff had jammed and I looked like a gambler, because there was no any other app to help out since the phones had just been bought. Too bad, also WLAN was configured to block .apk and i didnt have a SIM card with Internet either.

The relief came when i decided to do everything in root. I navigated to my linux android sdk and from platforms-tools folder, I killed the adb like;
sudo ./adb kill-server
after that then i went back to eclipse and kept counting the connection attempts it was making. On count 6,Bingo it worked.

Sometimes when this fails. do this;
./adb kill folled by ./adb start-server


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