Am writing This post not because am one of the CPTN or a Google fan, Name it, but because am a coder without Borders and a young A.I. Researcher. In research the motivation is not money. It is always creating something good for the community. We do it because we want a better world for all.I move with what is good. I have written programs for all of them apart from Apple that am soon doing because i want to offer some services on their platforms too. The constant attacks from CPTN on Android is going straight to my nerves as a result of stupid attacks based on patents.

Previuosly in the world

Lets Roll Back in the Days of the Calculus,Newton, Archimedes and Kepplar,etc. All these “geeks” worked together for the Good of the world. We are enjoying the Fruits of their labor. Transistors are powering our computers and every devices that we use today. There are certain principles and theories that we have to use in order for somethings to be done. These line up with the physical properties of such things. From the person who worked hard to make first colors, Bulbs, Shapes,Cars and even what we call the simplest of an idea or device in this post PC era really didn’t patent a thing in those days. Eg A plane has to be of some shape if its to fly in Air and has a principle of operations. Without it, then you can’t just do it. Its operation, is based on the theories of physics and mathematics from the old geeks. This is just an example of many such things that we have benefited from the Old geeks. Now the new “geeks in town” such as the big IT companies are mean to the bone. They want to protect even the simple things forgetting that they are running on a layer of what was built for the goodwill of Mankind. All they care about is their bellies. Their minds are all Money. Well this affirms it, Money is Evil and darker than darkness.They are like leaders who do not want to give way to young the ones who have the swag to do it better. When they can not compete, they result into funny Patents. My Belief is that there very many companies that can do better stuff than the big IT companies if only patents can be used a little to protect them. I suggest after a few months, a patent should cease to operate once executed. But once something is public and someone can make it even without your effort, then its the final Episode of Lost. You have lost it, period. Go seat back and nurse the wounds from the competition and lick them.

The thing is that if these big guys do not want it to be used then let them make it private to them selves. So long as its protected, public, inherited, or so then someone has full access to it. Its like in a programming language trying to avoid accessing a public variable from a library yet you can access it. Ie you can’t access a public variable :). I will not dwell on this because some of the big IT companies clearly make this transparent in their Programming languages.I think Two or More things are hindering technology advancements today. In Computer science I put it this way;


Where In a Common mans language;

1.Politics and the Law should not be mixed with technology

2.Business should not drive it.

These two evil children of patents should not be given an index in the array of technology. We should allow companies to arise and fall out of competition. I think these two fields are not  in any way related to why I need another persons knowledge to move forward. The Duo or so tend to keep technology stuck to one thing for sometime resulting into wasting a lot of money over fights instead using that money into research and also helping the needy. This patent thing causes some monopoly bubbles to exist and in the end you find these big companies declaring huge sums of profit because you pay extra money for free. An indication of total exploitation of the users. If patents continue to rule technology then we shall reach at a point when one company controls everything and we are at its mercy.

These big IT companies claim that they are solving world problems by helping out in some aspects yet in fact they are the ones that cause some of it.

In a research work dubbed “Mobile Crop Surveillance” that am doing with AI-Dev Makerere University, We use a $100 android smart phones with all features for automatic disease diagnosis. The phones are even soon getting cheaper with better specs. We are trying to solve world hunger indirectly using cheapest better available tech. Hunger is one of the UN goals and also Microsoft battles it through the Imagine Cup Competition that i participate in. I reached the finals of this competition in 2009. The tech we are using in this project is cheap and will cut alot of cost. Firstly show me any windows mobile phone/7 or Iphone that can do my data collection work at that cheap price and with the ease of developments. They are simply not there

 We shall always acknowledge big companies for their efforts. If they want Noble Prizes like from researchers, let them tell the world because the hands of the world can provide.

My suggestion is allow an open-arena 😀


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